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Government Contract Solutions, Inc. is a Maryland Corporation and has offered professional services under this trademark since 1992. It has no affiliation with other companies of the same name incorporated in other U.S. states.

(GSA Schedules are one route To Federal Contracts & Sales Growth).

GCS consultants are Government Market Advisors and Experts in Federal Contracting serving large and small businesses in ALL industries.

You Focus on what you do best ...Your Business.

We, on the other hand, as your GSA Schedule Consultants, focus on making your schedule and other Federal and State Government Contract Channels work for your Business

And you have to have a track record to use the word "Solutions."

Please look at The Value Added Advantage from Government Contract Solutions, Inc. The GCS Value Added Advantage

What SHOULD a GSA Schedule Consultant do for you? Well, how about a focused initial interview that will demonstrate upfront what a consultant should be able to do for you. Then you can decide whether Our Solutions match Your needs

MEANWHILE...while GSA is indeed re-inventing and expanding the Federal Supply Schedule Programs and processes, Are YOU reinventing YOUR business and sales processes to take advantage of additional business opportunities using a GSA Schedule? Are you updating your marketing plans? Your competitors are. They also are checking out the new Section 211 opportunities (State and Local use of the schedules).

AND, are you up with the GSA recent initiatives such as Professional Service Schedule consolidation of 7 Schedules? as well as gthe use of "Dual Contracts"?

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