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The GCS Advantage

      This GSA Eagle is worth 20 billion dollars or more to businesses every year.

At GCS, we take steps to ensure that our clients are positioned for success in the Government Marketplace. Years ago we chose the name Government Contract Solutions because we believed that "solutions" are what you need for selling in the Government Market.

What makes GCS different? Because we add value to your Government sales efforts. We try to UNDERSTAND what you WANT to do so we can make it happen when you NEED it.

We call it the GCS Advantage.


Our 25 years of experience in this business gives you a depth of understanding and ability to navigate the GSA Schedule process from a business perspective that is unmatched by our competitors who approach the schedules from only a contract/legal perspective.


We have been working with GSA Schedules, particularly in the IT area, since 1977, way before they became vogue in the late 1990s. We know what it was like before the rules changed. We have a real sense of what the Schedule means, how it is used by agencies, how contractors use it, and what can and can not be done in the use of it.


We have never lost a contract award yet. But that's because we carefully scrutinize your business practices and habits and assure ourselves that there is no reason for you NOT to have a schedule contract. We work at helping you secure a contract that works FOR you as your business grows.

Business Sense

We are practical business people that understand the relationship of a contract to revenue and the need for your ROI. Your schedule must have a product and service offering that is fair and reasonable to the Government and at the same time fair and reasonable for you. These are our basic goals: rates and prices that give you fair margins.

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